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A disability pension is a type of pension granted to those people who are unable to work due to a disability. In such a scenario, you are rightfully worried about how to remain financially independent. The disability retirement pension is calculated based on the number of years worked, so the disability retiree can retire earlier (since they are unable to work), but receives an equitable pension based on years of service. Whether you need help with a worker’s compensation claim because you got hurt on your job, or you aren’t sure of your rights as an injured worker, top New Jersey disability pension attorney Michael Kalmus can help you. Our expert lawyers are known for getting workers’ their rights, and will ensure that you are able to access the money that is legally due to you.

We specialize in all kinds of Livingston, NJ disability retirement pensions including:

  • Accidental Disability Retirement
  • Deferred Retirement
  • Involuntary Disability Retirement
  • Ordinary Disability Retirement
  • Special Disability Retirement

We handle issues involving:

  • Police Pensions
  • Firefighter Pensions
  • Teachers Pensions
  • Judges Pensions

Regardless of how deserving you are of the disability pension, it might not be approved after the application process. Our New Jersey disability pension attorneys are experienced in disability pension issues and will ensure you get the approval and the right compensation.

A denial of disability pension can be painful. If you have been denied your disability pension, do not worry. We will explore all the legal options and come up with a solution to ensure you get benefits you deserve. A disability pension appeal can be complex and confusing; let our expert New Jersey disability pension lawyers put our 25 years of experience to ensure a successful outcome. Contact us today.

Michael Kalmus Attorney at Law