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Disciplinary claims occur when an employer starts a disciplinary proceeding against you. This may occur when an employer has concerns or complaints regarding your conduct in the workplace, your irregular work attendance, or the standard of your work itself. Even if the employer’s complaint is legitimate, there are certain procedures that they must follow when filing a legal complaint for a disciplinary action case. If they do not follow the legally required proceedings, their case can be dismissed. On the part of an employee, the prospect of facing a disciplinary hearing due to workplace behaviour, is an extremely daunting one. In both cases, an attorney who understands the nuances of disciplinary claims is an invaluable asset. The expert disciplinary claims lawyers at Michael Kalmus Attorney at Law in Livingston, NJ can help you understand, prepare and respond correctly in an employment disciplinary hearing process.

Unjust disciplinary actions can not only affect promotions or a transfer, they can make it difficult for you to get employment at other company. If you have been wrongly accused of misconduct, we are there for you. We strongly believe in employee rights. We represent both union and nonunion workers. Our top New Jersey disciplinary claims law firm also takes care of employment lawsuits. We are experienced in handling various allegations including:

  • Poor Work Performance
  • Confidentiality Violations
  • Harassment of Others (Verbal, Physical and Sexual)
  • Criminal Violations in the Workplace
  • Dishonesty
  • Funds Misuse
  • Records Falsification

We Handle:

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • Court Challenges to Unfavorable Outcomes

Unjust disciplinary actions include wrongful termination, exaggerating assumed misdeeds, retaliation in the event of whistleblowing, harsh penalties, etc. Michael Kalmus Attorney at Law can protect you from such actions. Our team of top disciplinary claims experts understand your situation and come up with a customized legal solution to ensure the problem is resolved effectively. If you think you have been subject to wrongful disciplinary action, we are here to defend you. Get in touch with us today!


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